Types of academic research papers

Being awarded an academic scholarship provides much more than the financial benefit. Long after the money has been spent, you will still have the benefit of the honor and prestige that it confers. Once you have left college and are applying for jobs, the fact that you were the recipient of a notable academic scholarship is a definite plus on any resume. If you are continuing your education by pursuing a graduate degree, an academic scholarship will also look extremely good on any school applications and may help you secure additional funds for your post graduate education.

Synoptic assessment encourages students to combine elements of their learning from different parts of a programme and to show their accumulated knowledge and understanding of a topic or subject area. A synoptic assessment normally enables students to show their ability to integrate and apply their skills, knowledge and understanding with breadth and depth in the subject. It can help to test a student's capability of applying the knowledge and understanding gained in one part of a programme to increase their understanding in other parts of the programme, or across the programme as a whole [ 1 ]. Synoptic assessment can be part of other forms of assessment.

To be eligible for MU's automatic scholarships, you must enroll at the University of Missouri on the Columbia campus the first regular semester (fall or spring) following graduation from high school. Students must be enrolled full-time (12 credit hours) to receive the award and at least 6 of those credit hours must be taken on the Columbia campus.  Students who are solely on-line are not eligible to receive automatic scholarships.  Students who meet the criteria for MU's general automatic scholarships cannot receive more than one automatic scholarship. MU will not provide funds exceeding 100 percent of tuition and fees.

Types of academic research papers

types of academic research papers


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