Trip to mussoorie essay

Some time ago, Insights had posted a video on casteism in the country called – India Untouched . The video was truly amazing and it did teach me a lot. The events shown in the video were unbelievable but when I was on one of my travels, I witnessed one of the caste incidents first hand. It was truly mind-blowing and shocking. Once, we were driving to a nearby temple (Around 150km) away. We had to go through some villages to reach that old temple. On the way, we stopped near a local tea-stall to drink some coffee. I got out and ordered for all of us from the tiny tea shop. There were few people sitting inside already sipping their coffee from a ‘glass’ tumbler. The tea shop owner gave us four cups of tea in a ‘stainless steel’ cup but. The documentary which was shared clearly said that the glass cups were used by lower caste people and the tea shop owners usually give stainless steel cups to higher caste people. Maybe, by seeing the car, he thought we were from a higher caste. When I realized this phenomenon I asked him to give me a cup of coffee in the glass tumbler to check his reaction, he and the others looked at me weirdly for a second. He then gave me in the glass one and I went back into the car and explained the story to my family members. It was amazing to see discrimination on such a large scale.

After coming back, we went straight to the Mall Road. You can buy a few things like export surplus garments and jackets. Hand-knitted woolens from Mussoorie Emporium are recommended for kids. Else just take a stroll down the road and enjoy the weather and the beauty of hills. One thing you should NOT miss is the famous omelette. There is this gentleman who has a small corner where he sells omelets of different variety. He has been reviewed as one of the best in country by various food critics. We returned back from mall and enjoyed tea at our hotel. The dinner was much better and the occupancy had also increased since first day.

Trip to mussoorie essay

trip to mussoorie essay


trip to mussoorie essaytrip to mussoorie essaytrip to mussoorie essaytrip to mussoorie essay