Thesis exhibition proposal

Topic : Design Solution for Object Re-Arrangement [KEPT K(L)AP KLONG]
Name : Chaiyasit Tangprakit
Support : The inspiration of this project comes from the problem that many houses are very messy and need to be organized. A tidy room that is well managed, will look visually clean and seem like there is more space in the room. However, arranging things into places is a tough work and might not look good without an organizer. For example, plastic bags have various sizes and if you put them all together, you will have a hard time finding the right size. Therefore to solve the problem, I want to create boxes that house owner can manage several things into the right places to make the room tidy.

The MFA Program culminates in a self-curated final exhibition, including a statement of the artist’s intention and goals. This final exhibition provides a platform for students to gain greater exposure within Boston and the Tufts community. Credit for the exhibition is awarded by the SMFA at Tufts Thesis Committee, which is comprised of the student’s academic advisor, a member of the graduate studio faculty and an external advisor. Please note that participation in the final MFA exhibition can only take place once an MFA candidate has met all graduation requirements.

Thesis exhibition proposal

thesis exhibition proposal


thesis exhibition proposalthesis exhibition proposalthesis exhibition proposalthesis exhibition proposal