The greatest wealth is health essay

It’s the use of the word ‘gift’ in the top quotation that I don’t agree with. It had always sounded odd to me (gift from whom?), and when I finally came across the other version (which used ‘gain’), it made complete sense right away.
‘Gain’ seems to imply that one’s earning of good karma resulted in the achievement of good health, whereas ‘gift’ makes it look like somebody blessed or granted you with it. Or maybe they just meant that it’s a gift to your present self from your past self and I’m just overthinking this.
I hope that my english is not too bad.
Thank you so much for this website, by the way.

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The greatest wealth is health essay

the greatest wealth is health essay


the greatest wealth is health essaythe greatest wealth is health essaythe greatest wealth is health essaythe greatest wealth is health essay