The alchemist analysis essay

I was excited to be one of the beta testers for Steve's new program - Link Alchemist. I have and use several other of his programs, so I know what he is capable of providing! I was a little "disappointed" with the beta test process. But not for any of the reasons that are probably popping into your mind. I was disappointed because I really didn't have to do much of anything!!

Sure, the testers turned up a couple (pretty minor) problems. But Steve got those fixed lickety split and back we went to testing. And the testing amounted to creating a project and adding your keywords, a short description, and your URL(s). Then you just let it run. Oh, you can get more "sophisticated" if you can add more projects - ha! And that's it...Link Alchemist does the rest! I'm going to volunteer for the next product he needs to beta test as well...this was too easy! Thanks, Steve!

The alchemist analysis essay

the alchemist analysis essay


the alchemist analysis essaythe alchemist analysis essaythe alchemist analysis essaythe alchemist analysis essay