Term papers on probation

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Probation is supposed to protect the community by always monitoring the offender, and also aid the offenders in upholding the law. Intensive probation is the type where individuals on probation are closely monitored by GPS or home detention. Others are supposed to report to probation officers after some designated time. There are also those who could go unsupervised. Research has it that, probation can be an effective program in rehabilitating some of the offenders in the community. If they are designed properly and implemented successfully, probation programs can reduce cases of drug abuse and recidivism. The public seems to be in favor of probation. This is because some probation programs seem to be more effective than short term prison sentences. The criminal and justice department needs to do a lot of research and also evaluation to determine whether probation, which is funded adequately, can rehabilitate offenders or protect the society at large.

n. a chance to remain free (or serve only a short time) given by a judge to a person convicted of a crime instead of being sent to jail or prison, provided the person can be good. Probation is only given under specific court-ordered terms, such as performing public service work, staying away from liquor, paying a fine, maintaining good behavior, getting mental therapy, and reporting regularly to a probation officer. Violation of probation terms will usually result in the person being sent to jail for the normal term. Repeat criminals are normally not eligible for probation. Probation is not the same as "parole," which is freedom under certain restrictions given to convicts at the end of their imprisonment. (See: parole , sentence )

Term papers on probation

term papers on probation


term papers on probationterm papers on probationterm papers on probationterm papers on probation