Temple university essay 2012

If any man mis-uses the temple endowment as justification to place himself above women and demand obedience, that man then clearly does not understand the temple/gospel. I would have no problem switching roles in the temple, since the covenants are only symbolic and come from God himself, they are then Holy. Are we as disciples then going to complain because salvation is only possible through a man(Jesus Christ). I would remind all that exaltation is utterly dependant on the other sex, it takes both male/female together playing there parts to recive the Temple promises. I truly believe that with enough faith/patience and time all can better understand Temple symbolism and see the complete and utter beauty of the endowment.

Temple university essay 2012

temple university essay 2012


temple university essay 2012temple university essay 2012temple university essay 2012temple university essay 2012