Sweepstakes essay required

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The reporter, Ronda Kaysen, exhibits a healthy amount of skepticism in the piece. She points out that the owners were previously unable to sell the house and are holding this essay contest as a way to try to get the amount they were unable to get on the open market. In addition to quoting a broker who doesn’t believe the house is worth what the owners hope to get for it, Ronda also quotes an appraiser who calls the contest “a gimmick.” The rules of the contest are plainly stated, including the full disclosure that the owners will keep $49 of the $149 entry fee if they do not receive 5,500 entries. While the reader may see this as proof that they plan to keep a substantial amount of money after canceling the contest, couldn’t the disclosed plan to keep $49 for administrative fees be a hedge against the possibility that they only receive a few hundred entries? You may question why anyone would want to enter such a contest, but it could hardly be called a scam if the administrative fee is fully disclosed. We’ve heard about these types of essay-writing contests for properties around the country before, I think the value in telling the story was the chance to explain how these contests do (and don’t) work.

Sweepstakes essay required

sweepstakes essay required


sweepstakes essay requiredsweepstakes essay requiredsweepstakes essay requiredsweepstakes essay required