Should continue my education essay

That’s my mature side talking. In more crude terms: Boyfriend needs to you-know-what or get off the that cozy little pot he’s occupying. Pretty safe to say he has no plans to do either, because apparently he requires the intimate connection of 2 women in order to have his “full spectrum” of needs met. Without judging that, (Har!) and based on my own experience with this kind of situation, this is a hands-down double-dealbreaker for me. It involves his inability to disengage from his old girlfriend (and to me, who dumped who is irrelevant), coupled with the enmeshed families’ intrusiveness.  Oy.

I find that having a little drink of water before bed helps you to wake up in the morning, nothing gets me out of bed faster than needing to “go”. Also I think that alarm choice is very important, those that vary the tones or have “challenges” that you must complete before they turn off are very useful. On the downside, unless you have incredibly poor air circulation in your bedroom (as in physically sealing yourself into a air tight room) then there would be no way that CO2 would ever build up enough to pose any risk to health, it is good for keeping your room at the right temperature, but I also find it lets lots of bugs into my room, which can be pesky and disruptive to my sleep.

Should continue my education essay

should continue my education essay


should continue my education essayshould continue my education essayshould continue my education essayshould continue my education essay