Role of an architect essay

Qualifications listed on and for the position include a strong understanding of cloud computing technology and infrastructure as well as experience designing and migrating applications to the cloud. Cloud architects should have experience in a consultant role, as they need to build relationships with customers and team members. Cloud architects need experience with multiple programming languages, such as Java , , PHP , Python , Ruby on Rails , among others. They also need to integrate tools and services for all areas of cloud computing, such as data and networks.

Too frequently, "architect" is a promotion offered to top-notch developers in an effort to retain them. Unfortunately not all superb technologists have the broader talents and skills that make them good architects. Still, the title raises expectations in the "architect"—and the rest of the organization—that architectural responsibilities are associated with the titled position. This can generate a lot of conflict for a strongly technically-oriented person who is suddenly overwhelmed with organizational politics and communication demands.

Role of an architect essay

role of an architect essay


role of an architect essayrole of an architect essayrole of an architect essayrole of an architect essay