Richard nixon checkers speech essay

“Well, maybe you were able, Senator, to fake this thing. How can we believe what you say? After all, is there a possibility that maybe you got some sums in cash? Is there a possibility that you may have feathered your own nest?” And so now what I am going to do-and incidentally this is unprecedented in the history of American politics-I am going at this time to give this television and radio audience a complete financial history; everything I’ve earned; everything I’ve spent; everything I owe. And I want you to know the facts. I’ll have to start early.

  • Feb 18, 1947: Congressman Nixon’s Maiden Speech To The House Of Representatives
  • Sep 23, 1952: Senator Richard Nixon’s Checkers Speech
  • Jun 24, 1959: The Kitchen Debate: Nixon And Khrushchev
  • Aug 17, 1960: The Need For Leadership: Speech By Vice-President Nixon
  • Aug 21, 1960: Nixon: The Meaning Of Communism To Americans
  • Sep 26, 1960: First Kennedy-Nixon Debate
  • Aug 08, 1968: Nixon Accepts The Republican Party Nomination for President
  • Nov 06, 1968: Nixon’s Election Night Victory Speech
  • Jan 20, 1969: Nixon’s First Inaugural Address
  • Jul 20, 1969: The Moon Landing: An Undelivered Nixon Speech
  • Nov 03, 1969: Nixon’s ‘Silent Majority’ Speech
  • Jan 22, 1970: Nixon’s 1970 State Of The Union Address
  • Jan 20, 1973: President Nixon’s Second Inaugural Address
  • Jan 23, 1973: Peace With Honor: Nixon’s Broadcast On Vietnam
  • Apr 30, 1973: Nixon’s First Watergate Speech
  • Aug 15, 1973: Nixon’s Second Watergate Speech
  • Jan 30, 1974: Nixon’s 1974 State of the Union Address
  • Apr 29, 1974: Nixon’s Third Watergate Speech
  • Aug 08, 1974: Nixon’s Resignation Speech
  • Aug 09, 1974: Nixon’s Final Remarks To The White House Staff

Democratic National Committee Chairman Stephen A. Mitchell called for Nixon's resignation from the ticket, saying that "Senator Nixon knows that [the Fund] is morally wrong. General Eisenhower knows that it is morally wrong. The American people know that it is morally wrong." [16] On the other hand, Republican Senator Karl Mundt called the story "a filthy maneuver by left-wingers, fellow travelers, and former communists". [16] Nixon issued a written statement explaining that the fund was to pay political expenses, in lieu of charging them to the taxpayer. [17] Newspapers printed increasingly lurid accounts of the Fund and its beneficiary. The Sacramento Bee termed Nixon "the pet protégé of a special interest group of rich southern Californians ... their front man, if not, indeed, their lobbyist." [15] The Pasadena Star-News , meanwhile, reported that one contributor had been appealed to on the grounds that the Nixon family needed a larger home and could not afford a maid. [18]

Richard nixon checkers speech essay

richard nixon checkers speech essay


richard nixon checkers speech essayrichard nixon checkers speech essayrichard nixon checkers speech essayrichard nixon checkers speech essay