Recovery from depression

For women with co-occurring disorders, attempts to treat only the mood disorder, substance abuse, or eating disorder in isolation is at best incomplete, and at worst counterproductive. This is true both for women whose symptoms of addiction or withdrawal are wrongly associated with major depression, and for those inaccurately diagnosed as suffering from bipolar disorder. In each case, overcoming the ramifications of ineffective treatment to reach life-long recovery requires both an understanding of each disease and empathy for the complex emotions the sufferer experiences.

Words can't begin to express my thanks to all of you. Besides the extreme improvement of my physical state, I've learned a holistic lifestyle that will stay with me throughout my years. You all have very unique talents, which combined, form a synergistic healing team. One thing consistent among all of you is your true compassion, and desire to help your clients. Once again, thanks to all of you, for your invaluable help in providing me the tools I'll need to build a fulfilling life, the education to use these tools successfully, and the encouragement to persevere.

Take Care,

Recovery from depression

recovery from depression


recovery from depressionrecovery from depressionrecovery from depressionrecovery from depression