Our country josiah strong thesis

The ABMS and its subsidiary boards, which include the ABFM and the ABEM, set the standards for many certification processes and their acceptance by organized medicine and many institutions. In 1994, a committee of the American Board of Medical Specialties developed a proposal to revise the process of board certification. The Committee on Certification, Sub-certification, and Recertification (COCERT) recognized certification as a dynamic process, which “should permit movement of qualified individuals across specialties and sub-specialties”. They recognized that the boards should continue to establish standards and educational and/or practice requirements for admission to the examinations.” (34) Physicians with knowledge, training, and/or experience in a given area deserve access to the examinations. (35) In the end, the language from COCERT was viewed by many as too broad in its scope, particularly with regard to “experience” being listed as one factor in determining access to the examination.

How to read a primary source. For students to really understand history, it is critical that they they have some understanding of what a primary source document is and isn’t. This exercise is based from a reading from chapter 17 Voices of Freedom, #111, Josiah Strong, Our Country (1885) Answer the following questions: What do you know aboutt the author, what is his or her place in society? What is the authors point of view? When and where was the source produced? What was happening during this era of history and/or area that could have influenced the author and his or her ideas? How might his affect the meaning of the source? What preconceptions and presumptions do we as readers bring to this text? How do your present day conceptions of law and justice influence how you feel about what is described in the source?

Our country josiah strong thesis

our country josiah strong thesis


our country josiah strong thesisour country josiah strong thesisour country josiah strong thesisour country josiah strong thesis