Oresteia essay topics

In the first play, AGAMEMNON, the protagonist of that name returns home from the Trojan War with his beautiful prize of war, the Trojan princess Cassandra. Agamemnon’s wife Clytemnestra pretends to welcome him home gladly, but when he steps from his bath, she folds him in a large robe and stabs him to death. The helpless Cassandra, a prophetess of Apollo, foresees the fate of her master and her own murder as well, but no one understands her ravings. Clytemnestra flaunts her deeds before the chorus of elders as revenge for Agamemnon’s sacrifice of their daughter Iphegeneia to gain favorable winds to sail to Troy.

Oresteia essay topics

oresteia essay topics


oresteia essay topicsoresteia essay topicsoresteia essay topicsoresteia essay topics