Muscle building essays

It is shocking to know that even after knowing the extensive harm of steroids they are still commonly used by athletes to enhance performance and by weight lifters to increase size. These steroids can also change the blood chemistry in an individual and create blood clots in vessels and potentially disrupts blood flow. This can also damage the heart muscle hence it is unable to pump blood affectively. There is a great chance that heart disease is developed because of the high cholesterol levels, this cholesterol clogs arteries over time. However steroids will affect your heart if you already have a heart disease to begin with, hence it is smart for body builders with heart disease to stay away from them.

1.) Lean Muscle makes you stronger. Being stronger is a fundamental key to living a free and enjoyable life. Many people today struggle with basic everyday task like climbing the stairs, carrying the shopping moving furniture playing with their kids and basically just getting around. Building muscle means you can function with greater ease. As you become stronger everything becomes relatively lighter and simple tasks that were once hard are rendered easy. If you are involved in sports be in it golf to UFC Mixed Martial Arts it’s a must.

Muscle building essays

muscle building essays


muscle building essaysmuscle building essaysmuscle building essaysmuscle building essays