Mfa poetry programs

The Grand Prize Winner of the prestigious 2012 Women in Film & Video/New England Screenwriting Competition, Tracy King-Sanchez (MFA, 2012) writes, “What I love most about the MFA Program - and I do mean love, not like, or admire, or look on with fond memories; I'm talking straight up, in your face, one-restraining-order-away-from-stalking LOVE - is this thing they do called teaching. Sure, a lot of other places lay claim to this teaching fad, but the folks at Southampton do it in a way that stretches not only your creativity, but every cog and peg that goes into forming and nurturing a writer who continues to push past the edges of her world, both real and imagined. Under the tutelage (see, they even taught me how to use big-girl words) of Roger Rosenblatt, Jules Feiffer, Julie Sheehan, William Burford, Ying & Yang Duo Caglioti & Reeves and the countless name-dropping, rock-star-worthy gurus, I have learned not only the importance of craft, but that, without a clear, authentic and, above all else, honest voice, my words would be as flat as the blank page which calls out to every writer with a story that must be told."

The MFA program co-exists with a thriving undergraduate writing major, and benefits from a long-established  reading series  and the university’s  Archive for New Poetry , which holds the papers of Rae Armantrout, George Oppen, Lyn Hejinian, Susan Howe, Alice Notley, James Schuyler, Ron Silliman, and many other important figures. With strong ties to  Visual Arts  and other departments, and situated on one of the top-rated science campuses in the country, the program encourages its students to generate writing informed by other disciplines and media. In recognition of the diverse community we serve, our location on the border with Mexico, and the resources offered by our faculty, we look forward to offering bilingual workshops in Spanish and English as the program develops.

Mfa poetry programs

mfa poetry programs


mfa poetry programsmfa poetry programsmfa poetry programsmfa poetry programs