Ku honors program essay

Hi all. Namaste! Thank you for these wonderful, in-depth sharings. YES, after teaching full-time Reiki for over 15 years, I do feel, and respect, that it is good to honour the tradition of maintaining the secrecy of Reiki symbols. However, there could be times one gets guided to reveal the symbols with the pure motive of guiding others to the path. And it is clear that the symbols are just mere drawings without an attunement that brings ‘life’ to them. As regards comment about Madam Takata’s ‘money mind’, it is this VALUE for Reiki practice that sustained the energy till today, and helping it to grow. Money is concretised energy that is very necessary to nourish the roots of any practice. Namaste.

Ku honors program essay

ku honors program essay


ku honors program essayku honors program essayku honors program essayku honors program essay