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The sine-wave diagram plots long-term history along a typical sine-wave curve, in which one cycle is about 24,000 years, being one precession-of-equinoxes (an astronomical period in which the sun traverses an apparent path around the circuit of the sky). Half of a cycle is negative energy, which is the kingdom of WORLD . The other half is positive, being the kingdom of HEAVEN . Sometime about 2,000 AD or so (perhaps 2012 as some speculate, or 2019) the negative-energy cycle of World will be completed. On this diagram of history, we are presently on the upward ascending path toward God, about to cross the horizontal neutral line and begin the kingdom of Heaven. Jesus calls us to follow the water-carrier (Aquarius) to the Upper Room (kingdom of Heaven).

With contributions from François Raffoul, Eric S. Nelson, Ted Kisiel, Dermot Moran, Thomas Sheehan, Richard Polt, Robert Bernasconi, Françoise Dastur, Alfred Denker, Sean Kirkland, Holger Zaborowski, Emilia Angelova, Frank Schalow, Peter Trawny, Ullrich Haase, Leslie MacAvoy, Peter Gordon, Peg Birmingham, Andrew Feenberg, Scott Campbell, P. Christopher Smith, Dennis Schmidt, Gregory Schufreider, Gregory Fried, William McNeill, Andrew Mitchell, Lee Braver, Andrew Bowie, Anne O'Byrne, Kevin Aho, Daniela Vallega-Neu, John McCumber, Gregory Schufreider, Iain Thomson, Ben Vedder, Patricia Glazebrook, John Russon, Kirsten Jacobson, Hans Ruin, Daniel Dahlstrom, Wayne Froman, Iain Macdonald, Jill Stauffer, Leonard Lawlor, Janae Sholtz, Leslie MacAvoy, Tina Chanter, Robert D. Stolorow, Bret Davis, and Alejandro Vallega.

We are all Odin, it seems. Or at least those of us who are lovers of wisdom. And thus we can now see that Odinism is much more than one path among others. Odinism – the search for wisdom – is the path of divinization. It is the highest of all the “forms” in the universe, and the one that comprehends all others. Anyone who pursues wisdom ceaselessly, fearlessly, and uncompromisingly, forsaking all else (including piety, reputation, and personal safety), is an Odinist, whether he realizes it or not. And it is to give rise to such men that the universe exists at all.

Kosmos essays order

kosmos essays order


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