Keeping animals in zoos pros and cons essay

Animals used in traveling zoos are subjected to the stresses of transport, strange and frightening environments, irregular feeding and watering, mishandling, and extensive public contact. The sheer logistics of getting from one venue to the next does not allow for much downtime to let animals rest or exercise or to enable caretakers to attend to sick or injured animals. It’s impossible to know how many animals suffer and die en route, because zoo caravans are constantly on the move, and for the most part, no one is watching. The . Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees animal displays, but with just over 100 officers responsible for inspecting more than 8,600 licensees, it’s impossible for the USDA to monitor all exhibitors adequately.

Great news,but it would be unreasonable to expect this from countries with much less natural fauna,Costa Rica can afford to do this because you just have to look up in a tree or raise up some leaves and you're bound to encounter some sort of wildlife,very similar to Trinidad where I'm from. The idea is very admirable and noble,but we must also think about those who would be denied the experiences of seeing and learning about animals if this idea were to be proliferated to lesser naturally endowed countries. It's a give and take situation,but the one constant must be awareness and sustainability.

As a proud Grandpa and Nanny to 9 grandchildren (and angel number ten due in May) we live our lives reflecting the respect, care and love that all animals deserve. Our chickens are hand raised by the grandchildren and they learn very early the reciprocal relationship with animals. The chickens are feed and kept safe in a warm clean coop and in return they provide us with eggs for breakfast. Osho the rescued Maltese is treated gently because others were not so kind to him in the past and if you are gentile Mali the little chihuahua will give hugs. Gertie and Sparkles the Pygmy goats love to be fed treats. Always respecting the animals and treating them with kindness. There will always be those who will profit from animal is our responsibility to teach the children so that they will find a way that all animals and humans can someday live in harmony.

Keeping animals in zoos pros and cons essay

keeping animals in zoos pros and cons essay


keeping animals in zoos pros and cons essaykeeping animals in zoos pros and cons essaykeeping animals in zoos pros and cons essaykeeping animals in zoos pros and cons essay