Hva kjennetegner essay

Once you have chosen a topic, think of an approach to the topic or thesis statement (Am. Eng.) This is your main idea that you will further develop throughout your essay. It states what the essay will be about and your position on the issue. Think of what angle you want to argue from. Your approach to the topic may, for example, be formulated as a question or a statement in one or two sentences. If your topic is to analyze Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet , you might pose this rhetorical question: Does love conquer all? A statement might be: Romeo and Juliet is Shakespeare's most famous play.

Hva kjennetegner essay

hva kjennetegner essay


hva kjennetegner essayhva kjennetegner essayhva kjennetegner essayhva kjennetegner essay