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December 29, 1890 - Spotted Elk ( Lakota : Unpan Glešká – also known as Big Foot) was a Miniconjou leader on the . Army's list of 'trouble-making' Indians. He was stopped while en route to convene with the remaining Lakota chiefs. Army officers forced him to relocate with his people to a small camp close to the Pine Ridge Agency. Here the soldiers could more closely watch the old chief. That evening, December 28, the small band of Lakota erected their tipis on the banks of Wounded Knee Creek . The following day, during an attempt by the officers to collect weapons from the band, one young, deaf Lakota warrior refused to relinquish his arms. A struggle followed in which somebody's weapon discharged into the air. One . officer gave the command to open fire, and the Lakota responded by taking up previously confiscated weapons; the . forces responded with carbine firearms and several rapid-fire light-artillery (Hotchkiss) guns mounted on the overlooking hill. When the fighting had concluded, 25 . soldiers lay dead, many killed by friendly fire. Among the 153 dead Lakota, most were women and children. [17] Following the massacre, chief Kicking Bear officially surrendered his weapon to General Nelson A. Miles .

Not all those ships just sit there unused. During the Bush administration and the readiness operations leading to both wars in the hunt for terrorists and the overthrow of the dictator in Iraq, I was directly involved in pulling six ships out of mouthball from the fleet in Texas and restoring them to active duty. These ships served proudly one more time and then were put back into mouthball, making sure that all of the ships were sealed with dehumidifiers in case they were need again. Your breach on these vessels could have long lasting effects, if you as a layman, breached these systems for your story. They will now lay open to the elements so they can rot. There is a lot more to why these ships sit where they do that you left out of your story, please try to report the entire story in the future, so you don’t leave a false impression to the general public.

Ghost essay

ghost essay


ghost essayghost essayghost essayghost essay