Family counterculture essay

Regardless, the sale of Rolling Stone would be Jann Wenner's denouement, capping his unlikely rise from dope-smoking Berkeley dropout to silver-haired media mogul. An admirer of John Lennon and publishing mavens like William Randolph Hearst, Mr. Wenner — who invested $7,500 of borrowed money to start Rolling Stone along with his mentor, Ralph J. Gleason — was at turns idealist and desperado, crafting his magazine into a guide for the counterculture epoch while also gallivanting with superstars. He once boasted that he had turned down a $500 million offer for Rolling Stone, more than he could ever dream of getting for the magazine today. (BandLab invested $40 million to acquire its 49-percent stake in the magazine last year.)

ALICE WATERS is the executive chef, founder, and owner of Chez Panisse Restaurant and Café in Berkely, California.  She founded the Edible Schoolyard and has received the French Legion of Honor, WSJ Magazine Humanitarian Innovator Award, and three James Beard Awards.  Alice is Vice President of Slow Food International and the author of thirteen books. Her most recent books are My Pantry , The Art of Simple Food II , 40 Years of Chez Panisse , and In the Green Kitchen .  She lives in Berkeley, California.

Family counterculture essay

family counterculture essay


family counterculture essayfamily counterculture essayfamily counterculture essayfamily counterculture essay