European integration essay topics

Editorial 20 February 2015

Dear readers,
MANY THANKS for the multitude of extremely kind replies to our last message, also on behalf of our editorial assistants Veronika Pollak and Brigitte Pircher at the Institute for European Integration Research in Vienna (as well as the former longterm editorial assistant Patrick Scherhaufer). It is impossible to reply to all of those nice words directly, we have to ask for your understanding.
A follow-up project with young researchers is being considered by the President of ECSA Austria, Stefan Griller. If that comes to life you will be informed. Related queries please send directly to ECSA-Austria ([email protected]). The association has supported EIoP since its origins and we would like to express our gratitude to all those who contributed, in addition to Stefan Griller particularly also the (former) subject editors for economics (Fritz Breuss, Gabriele Tondl) and law (Thomas Eilmansberger).

European integration essay topics

european integration essay topics


european integration essay topicseuropean integration essay topicseuropean integration essay topicseuropean integration essay topics