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According to Connors' promoter, Brian Edwards, the CBC had expressed interest for Connors to do a music special since 1990. [37] Connors shot and edited a live concert presentation at Hamilton Place at a cost of over $200,000 of his own money in September 2005. Edwards said that a copy was presented to the CBC's head of TV variety and that he received a reply the next day telling him that a decision would be reached within a few weeks. After 10 weeks, another email was then sent to the newly appointed programming VP, and a prompt reply came back that said that the broadcaster was moving away from music and variety programming and that the Connors special did not fit with its strategy.

This film has a significant impact on its audiences. There are several aspects that have been tackled in the movie. The movie develops and improves on the dancing skill of those interested in dancing. It also urges the individuals (specifically the youth) to fight for what they want through dedication and commitment. For example, DJ has to overcome so many obstacles in order to accomplish the goals he has. The movie also shows the importance of standing by friends and family. This is shown when DJ is taken in by his uncle and also when April stands up to her father in order to defend DJ. April also comforts and encourages DJ when he just about to quit and she manages to convince him.  Furthermore it portrays the consequences of hatred among individuals. For instance, the hatred that April's father has for DJ's uncle is immense such that he does not want him (DJ) to be with his daughter. The hatred between DJ and Grant also causes   DJ's suspension (when grant investigates about DJ's past and finds that he had a criminal record).

Essays on stomp

essays on stomp


essays on stompessays on stompessays on stompessays on stomp