Essay on children obesity

The cell phones have made a significant impact on the social life of people. Apart from voice and text services, some cell phones have cameras, alarm clock, and radio and allow access to the internet. Youths take advantage of some of these features in a positive manner to organize and maintain social contacts with friends and relatives. They also heavily utilize social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype for entertainment. In the recent years, cell phones carry out mobile money transactions whereby the SIM card is the unique personal identifier. Banks have also made it easier for their customers to access their accounts, check balances, and receive bank statements from their phones.

Initiatives which can be undertaken by the University were presented for a possible obesity management program such as getting experts to conduct talks and medical screenings, drafting new policies for on-campus food vendors, as well as improving the facility and support system for engaging in physical activities within the school. By employing any or all of the measures stated, the probability of achieving student involvement would also increase. Such a scenario would result not only to the University’s production of more holistic graduates but would also contribute to greater overall societal productivity.

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Essay on children obesity

essay on children obesity


essay on children obesityessay on children obesityessay on children obesityessay on children obesity