Essay of afforestation

While working on the project it was identified that there is vast scope in training and development activities in the field of CSR training and development. My company guide, Col. Prakash Tewari (Retd.) helped me to understand the real scenario prevailing in the field of CSR. I came up with a business idea of setting up an organization for training and development in CSR. This laid the foundation of a new organization founded by me and Mrs. Rashmi Pande Tewari named "CSR GENESIS" for training and development in CSR under guidance of Col. Prakash Tewari (Retd.). This organization will be delivering workshops in various fields of CSR.

Lack of property rights over excessive use of resources leads to degradation of environment. This leads to overgrazing of common or public lands, deforestation, and over­exploitation of minerals, fish, etc. Clarifying and assigning ownership titles and tenurial rights to private owners will solve environmental problems. Places where the use of common lands, forests, irrigation systems, fisheries, etc. are regulated and rules for their proper use are laid down by the community, the ownership rights should be clearly specified in the administrative records.

It has been observed that the pH of the soil ranged from - indicating that the soils are acidic to slightly alkaline. Soils are mainly clay loams with alluvial deposits derived from tertiary / quaternary volcanic and pyroclastic rock sediments that have been weathered and eroded from the uplands. They contain high levels of P, K, Ca and Mg and low levels of N and C. The soil from the study area shows moderate to good fertility. By carrying out a replantation of the Prosopis on the cleared land then the soil fertility will be improved and maintained.

Essay of afforestation

essay of afforestation


essay of afforestationessay of afforestationessay of afforestationessay of afforestation