Essay mother's sacrifice

You introduced me to teenaged Parker when I saw you in Princeton. You have brought the sadness of his passing full circle with this message of enduring closeness.
As I wonder and pray how I might be an instrument in God’s hand to advance His purposes, it hadn’t occurred to me that we do so by being kindly empathetic in all of our interractions. That seems trite compared to great acts of ministry and service but apparently has eternal consequences. It sets the tone for Him to exist in our mundane activities.
I am grateful that this came to my attention. God will be evident within others. I will see others as He sees them.
This stirs pleasant thoughts. Best regards.

A rich man suspects, with justification, that his poor brother is stealing food from him. To gain evidence, he puts his old mother into a chest, which he asks the poor man to safeguard for a few days. From her hiding place the old woman does indeed hear her poor son boasting about stealing a cow from his rich brother. Startled, she breaks her silence, and the poor man opens up the chest. Upon discovering the spy, the poor man jams a great chunk of hot meat and a piece of bread into her mouth, and she chokes to death. The rich brother reclaims his chest and finds his dead mother inside. Not knowing how she died and obviously fearing any official investigation, he takes the body to his brother and pays him a substantial sum to bury it. The poor man takes the money, but only pretends to bury the corpse, using it instead to extort more and more money from his miserly brother.

Essay mother's sacrifice

essay mother's sacrifice


essay mother's sacrificeessay mother's sacrificeessay mother's sacrificeessay mother's sacrifice