Essay microsoft windows

Press the down arrow on the keyboard once. A window appears on top of Notepad as shown below. This window is called the candidate window. It displays a list of clauses that match the pronunciation that you have typed. You can select the intended word from the list of candidates. In this example, three candidate characters are available with the same pronunciation. Note that the second entry is highlighted, and the composition string changes. This is caused by typing the down arrow, which tells the IME to select the entry after the one that was previously displayed.

‘ The familiar desktop ‘ ‘
‘ Works with a mouse and keyboard ‘ ‘
‘ Works with word, excel, outlook, and other familiar programs ‘ ‘
‘ Built for touch PCs and tablets ‘
‘ Apps from the windows store ‘
‘ Mail, people, and other built-in apps ‘
‘ Keep your settings and apps on all your PCs and devices ‘ ‘
‘ Start screen with live updates ‘
‘ Faster startup times ‘
‘ Bing smart search to find things across the web, apps, and your PC ‘

Essay microsoft windows

essay microsoft windows


essay microsoft windowsessay microsoft windowsessay microsoft windowsessay microsoft windows