English grammar homework help

English Grammar Phrases
A big room, the blue jacket, finding a job, having fun, to help others,
behind the curtain, next week, being excited.

English Nouns Phrases
All the kids were sleeping.
The boy in the blue jeans says he'll do it.
He bought her a beautiful red dress.

English Verb Phrases
They are waiting for the rain to stop.
Shannon will meet us there.
Why is she staying at home?

English Adjective Phrases
Tom is a man with good instincts .
She brought a cake made of nuts and fruit .
His friends are sailors living on the sea .

English Adverb Phrases
We hurried down the street to catch the bus .
George fell asleep holding his book .
Every now and then they meet and chat.
For now , I would like to ask you to leave.

English Prepositional Phrases
They sat in the old green car .
The men are working for the money .
Every morning we take a walk in the park.

English Appositives
My best friend, Sarah , is moving in with me.
Her first teacher, Mrs. Jones , was a strict person.
The CEO, a very smart man , decided to sell the company.
I was watching my favorite movie, Gone with the Wind .

Indirect object with to :
· Two nouns
· Two pronouns
· Pronoun object/noun indirect object
SVOI I showed the computer to my friends.
I showed it to them.
I showed it to my friends.
She gave the present to her mother.
She gave it to her.
She gave it to her mother.

Indirect object without to :
· Two nouns
· Two pronouns
· Noun object/pronoun indirect object
SVI0 I showed my friends the computer.
I showed them it.
I showed them the computer
She gave her mother the present.
She gave her it.
She gave her the present.

English grammar homework help

english grammar homework help


english grammar homework helpenglish grammar homework helpenglish grammar homework helpenglish grammar homework help