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Corporate social responsibility is an organization's obligation to maximize its positive impact on stakeholders and to minimize its negative impact (Ferrell, 2011). Financially, any investor's main goal is to receive as much financial return in any investment. However, in a community where a positive impact on the social environment is stressed the ethical issues looming throughout the consumer electronics industry should be taken into account when considering to invest. Virginia Tech strives to produce leaders in their fields and communities. For the students of the university to fully grasp the concept of the values Virginia Tech was founded upon, the university itself should be the ultimate leader. By not only stating but also doing and showing the university's purpose of emphasizing the importance of its values to the community. Due to the increasingly high demand for products in the consumer electronics industry, every company will always have a flaw in which they ethically possess. As mentioned earlier, many companies have begun to show transparency of the company by releasing social responsibility reports of critical working conditions in many of their factories. These companies are taking the initiative to develop into more ethically and socially responsible institutions. Virginia Tech should consider these acts of openness when selecting which companies within the consumer electronics industry to invest in. Finding a reasonable middle ground to satisfy both Virginia Tech's financial needs and ethical principles is a way to satisfy its corporate social responsibility.

The . Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that as of May 2015, the median annual salary of the 139,080 electrical and electronics engineering technicians employed throughout the . was $61,130 ( ). Those states with the highest salaries for electronics technicians in 2015 were the District of Columbia, Alaska, Maryland, Nevada, and Hawaii. The BLS anticipates a 2% decline in the number of jobs from 2014-2024; however, certain specialized sectors, such as computer electronics technology, may experience higher growth than the field as a whole.

Electronics coursework ideas

electronics coursework ideas


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