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​ Reservation of the grove/parties : Please contact our pool manager, Nancy Wanzer, after May 15, 2017 by email  [email protected], or after opening day, at the front desk, if you are interested in reserving the grove.   There is a cost for grove rental which MUST be paid ahead of time.

2017 Dues Statements :  Annual dues are $525 or non-use/rental fee of $75. Dues statements  were mailed in January 2017 . All forms and payments should be postmarked by March 5th.  A late fee of $50 will be charged to any payments postmarked after March 5th. The late fee increased to $75 after April 15th. Please include the late fee whether you plan to pay your dues or rent your share.  

Photos:   Family photos are being accepted by email. Please use your last name as the file name (ex. Smith123) and email photos to [email protected]  If a photo was submitted in the last year or two, new photos are not needed for the upcoming season. 

Renters/Waitlist:  To be added to the wait list to purchase, please send a $25 non-refundable check payable to Vienna Woods to PO Box 33, Vienna, VA 22183.  Please include your address, email address, cell and home phone numbers. 

Rentals are offered only to persons on the wait list to purchase (in order of seniority). Rental interest emails were sent in January with replies requested as soon as possible but no later than March 1st. Rental applications will be emailed in mid-March. T he cost to rent a membership will be $690 .

This is a boat dive only. The distances and bearings on the dive site map are approximate, and have not been measured. Map is oriented magnetic North up. Both barges are aligned approximately 090 magnetic. Omar is facing approximately 180 magnetic. Sea life includes: Rockfish, Ling and Cabezon on the Omar. Brooding anemones, Rockfish and Octopus on the barges, Decorated warbonnets on the Rock. Hazards include: ghost nets, boat traffic from Shilshole Marina and barges that are sometimes parked at the coast guard buoy. The bouy has recently been moved about 50 ft with additional chain. The buoy moves in about a 100ft radius depending on current, wind and size of barges tied up to it. GPS:

Dive resume

dive resume


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