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The game started evenly, with both teams having a few chances, until Ben Antcliff broke the deadlock with a cool finish. Keyworth added two more before half time through Thomas Graham-Jones and Ben Antcliff again. The second half started well for Keyworth, who asserted their dominance on the game with four more goals – Thomas Graham-Jones getting his second straight from a corner, Ben Antcliff adding another for his hat-trick, Josh Till with a fine shot outside the box into the top corner, and Alex Irvine with a late seventh. The game was marred by a late challenge on the Keyworth winger by a Kirk Hallam defender after the ball was played which lead to a fractured wrist, a trip to the hospital and a caste put on meaning 4-6 weeks out (this late challenge was missed and/or not dealt with sufficiently by the referee in our opinion).

WOW! So validating to read this story and the posts. When I tell people this stuff about my husband, even therapists, they assume I’m exagerating when, in fact, if anything, I’m holding some of the worst things back! But here you all are writing about MY EXACT HUSBAND! Married 25 years; he’s 65, and just when I think we’ve hit bottom, that this marriage can’t be any more hellish, either he does some other even more horrid thing than before, or I FIND OUT about something even more dispicable that he’s been doing. So awful; hedonistic, manipulative, sadistic, greedy, nasty, lying old pervert!

Dissertation drucken berlin

dissertation drucken berlin


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