Design thesis turboshaft

Military aircraft are heavy-duty machines – built for extreme stresses and breathtaking maneuvers. Accordingly, the requirements imposed on engines are very stringent. MTU Aero Engines has been satisfying these requirements for decades. As the industrial lead company for practically all engines flown by the German Armed Forces, the company contributes its expertise and know-how and plays a key role in most important European military engine programs.

MTU’s activities in these programs span the full gamut from development, production and assembly to maintenance. For instance MTU contributes the compressors and engine control units to the EJ200 engine powering the Eurofighter-Typhoon and the TP400-D6 engine powering the Airbus A400M. The company moreover performs final assembly of the EJ200 engines powering the German military customer’s Eurofighter jets, all TP400-D6 turboprop engines and all MTR390-2C/E turboshaft engines in Munich.

MTU has also gained access to markets outside Europe and has acquired shares in the . F414 (F/A-18 Super Hornet) and the T408 (CH-53K heavy lift helicopter) engine programs, contributing highly-advanced engine components as a risk- and revenue-sharing partner.

Currently, battery-powered electric aircraft have much more limited payload, range and endurance than those powered by internal combustion engines. However, pilot training is an area that emphasises short flights. Several companies make, or have demonstrated, light aircraft suitable for initial flight training. The Airbus E-Fan was aimed at flight training but the project was cancelled. Pipistrel makes light sport electric aircraft such as the Pipistrel WATTsUP . A prototype of the Aero Electric Sun Flyer . The advantage of electric aircraft for flight training is the lower cost of electrical energy compared to aviation fuel. Noise and exhaust emissions are also reduced compared with combustion engines.

...and we also have examples of the Westinghouse J30 turbojet (McDonnell-Douglas FH-1 Phantom), Rolls-Royce Avon turbojet (Hawker Hunter, EE Canberra among many others), Rolls-Royce Dart (Armstrong-Whitworth Argosy), Armstrong-Siddeley Viper turbojet (Jet Provost, Strikemaster, Dominie among many others), Bristol-Siddeley Olympus 301 turbojet (Avro Vulcan), Armstrong-Siddeley Mamba turboprop (Arsmtrong-Whitworth Apollo, Handley-Page Marathon), Armstrong-Siddeley Double Mamba turboprop (Fairey Gannet) and Rolls-Royce Gem turboshaft (Lynx).

Design thesis turboshaft

design thesis turboshaft


design thesis turboshaftdesign thesis turboshaft