Definition essay juvenile delinquent

Parents are the first educators of their children but in this modern and evolving society, many parents are concentrating more on their career than on their children. Hence, in most of these cases, children find themselves deprived of attention and affection which they eventually tend to find elsewhere. In this difficult time, they often turn to their friends or spend most of their time watching television, surfing on the net or playing video game. This is where mass media has a great hand in leading youngsters to make delinquencies. Children are exposed to all kind of violence and adultery scenes on the television and internet despite having parental viewing controls. Sometimes they try to imitate actions of their idols; for example, they start to smoke after watching their favorite actor smoking. Even video games have a high level of violence. Moreover, while being amongst friends, they tend to do many mistakes due to peer pressure; if one smokes, others tend to follow.

Concluding the information we have discussed in this paper we should to mark that the juvenile probation system was based for to help youth to overcome the effects of an offence and to correct their further life. Juvenile probation officers are ready to do keep doing their work in no depends of danger. We need to appreciate their trying in making the society better and to help young people continue their lives in the right direction. Also it is important to mention one more time that the help and the positive influence of guardians and parents is required. The Juvenile Probation program would not be so successful if parent and other adults close to the offenders do not want to put efforts on helping them. Summarizing the conditions of the success the Juvenile Probation's success, we can mention that efforts of both young offenders and adults around them are required.

Definition essay juvenile delinquent

definition essay juvenile delinquent


definition essay juvenile delinquentdefinition essay juvenile delinquentdefinition essay juvenile delinquentdefinition essay juvenile delinquent