Critical essays ref william faulkner

Introduction: “Imagination Turns Every Word into a Bottle Rocket”: An Introduction to Sherman Alexie
Jeff Berglund
Dancing That Way, Things Began to Change: The Ghost Dance as Pantribal Metaphor in Sherman Alexie’s Writing
Lisa Tatonetti
“Survival = Anger x Imagination”: Sherman Alexie’s Dark Humor
Philip Heldrich
“An Extreme Need to Tell the Truth”: Silence and Language in Sherman Alexie’s “The Trial of Thomas Builds-the-Fire”
Elizabeth Archuleta
Rock and Roll, Redskins, and Blues in Sherman Alexie’s Work
P. Jane Hafen
This Is What It Means to Say Reservation Cinema: Making Cinematic Indians in Smoke Signals
James H. Cox
Native Sensibility and the Significance of Women in Smoke Signals
Angelica Lawson
The Distinctive Sonority of Sherman Alexie’s Indigenous Poetics
Susan Berry Brill de Ramírez
The Poetics of Tribalism in Sherman Alexie’s The Summer of Black Widows
Nancy J. Peterson
Sherman Alexie’s Challenge to the Academy’s Teaching of Native American Literature, Non-Native Writers, and Critics
Patrice Hollrah
“Indians Do Not Live in Cities, They Only Reside There”: Captivity and the Urban Wilderness in Indian Killer
Meredith James
Indigenous Liaisons: Sex/Gender Variability, Indianness, and Intimacy in Sherman Alexie’s The Toughest Indian in the World
Stephen F. Evans
Sherman Alexie’s Transformation of “Ten Little Indians”
Margaret O’Shaughnessey
Healing the Soul Wound in Flight and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Jan Johnson
The Business of Writing: Sherman Alexie’s Meditations on Authorship
Jeff Berglund

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Critical essays ref william faulkner

critical essays ref william faulkner


critical essays ref william faulknercritical essays ref william faulknercritical essays ref william faulknercritical essays ref william faulkner