Counselling psychology doctoral thesis

The Faculty of Behavioural Sciences Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP) is a 30-month online and practicum-based program that prepares graduates for a career in the field of counselling psychology. The program is structured with a combination of core and elective courses to build the foundational competencies and practical skills needed to become professional counsellors, researchers, educators and psychotherapists. Graduates of the MACP program are prepared to acquire professional registration in their provincial jurisdiction and are able to apply for a number of designations upon completing the program.

Clinical psychologists engage in a wide range of activities. Some focus solely on research into the assessment , treatment , or cause of mental illness and related conditions. Some teach, whether in a medical school or hospital setting, or in an academic department (., psychology department) at an institution of higher education . The majority of clinical psychologists engage in some form of clinical practice, with professional services including psychological assessment, provision of psychotherapy, development and administration of clinical programs, and forensics (., providing expert testimony in a legal proceeding . [11]

Counselling psychology doctoral thesis

counselling psychology doctoral thesis


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