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The strategic synergy between the United States and Israel melds into tactical realities. troops train with their Israel Defense Forces (IDF) counterparts in aerial combat and special operations. Navy ships routinely dock in Haifa, Air Force planes refuel at Israeli bases, and the Marines will soon use an Israeli laser to pinpoint targets. In addition to pre-positioning $800 million of arms and medical equipment in Israel, the United States guarantees by law its commitment to preserving Israel’s “qualitative military edge,” enabling the Jewish state to defend itself, by itself, against Middle Eastern adversaries. As Assistant Secretary of State Andrew Shapiro put it , “Israel is a vital ally and a cornerstone of our regional security commitments,” and, accordingly, the two countries have developed the world’s most advanced anti-ballistic missiles. Together with the X-band radar station in the Negev — manned by the first American troops deployed permanently on Israeli soil — these systems can protect friendly nations from Iranian rockets.

“I’ve always suspected that it had to do with my hair,” Araújo says, about what she calls the “racial soap opera” that she has endured since applying to the prosecutor job. In the photograph she submitted with her questionnaire — a requirement for all candidates who identified themselves as preto or pardo — her hair falls primly behind her shoulders in a fine, black sheet. But the flat style is nothing like her natural hair. Photos from her teenage years reveal a thick mane of densely packed ringlets. “I wear my hair like this as a personal choice,” she says. “It’s just easier to deal with.”

Claim of policy essay topics

claim of policy essay topics


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