Bentley application essay

Standardized test scores. We require that you take the SAT or ACT standardized test.  If you have taken either test more than once, we will superscore results. 

If English is not your primary language, you’ll also need to submit official results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language   (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing Systems   (IELTS) exam. The preferred minimum scores are:

TOEFL: 233 computer-based, 577 paper-based or 90 Internet-based (score of 100 or better encouraged). We also require a minimum score of 20 on each of the TOEFL subsections.
IELTS: 7, with a minimum score of 7 on each of the IELTS subsections

Your test results may be sent to us directly from the testing agency or indicated on your official high school transcript. Use the following codes as needed on your application materials:

SAT: 3096
ACT: 1783
TOEFL: 3096

Note:  For applicants from Puerto Rico:  Bentley will consider the College Admission & Evaluation Program (PEAU) and the Academic Aptitude Test (PAA) scores in the application review process.  In addition to sending official SAT/ACT score reports, we encourage you to include self-reported scores of the PEAU or PAA on the Common Application.

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Bentley application essay

bentley application essay


bentley application essaybentley application essaybentley application essaybentley application essay