Alevel media coursework evaluation

6. When you have learned all that you need to from the first artist, select another artist and repeat the process . Once you have learned from this artist, repeat again. The intention is that by the time you get to your final piece, your work is a beautiful combination of your own ideas and the influence of several others. Your work should look absolutely original – a beautiful mixture of wisdom gained from a multitude of sources. It can be good practice to choose a range of artist models – ie. national / international, contemporary / historical etc…but this is not always necessary. The best outcomes occur when students choose artists whose work really moves them. It can be typical for an AS student to have 2-4 artist models and A2 students to have 3-10 artist models.

Dear Parents and Students of John Burroughs Middle School,

Important updates for the week of 10/9

Monday, 10/9 soccer/Softball Challenge . Department
Tuesday, 10/10
 Fundraiser Assembly
o Period 4 (6th grade)
o Period 5 (7th grade)
o Period 6 (8th grade)
Wednesday, 10/11
 Magnet/SAS Tours
Friday, 10/13
 High School Magnet Fair 5PM – 7PM in the auditorium
 Coffee with the Principal 8:15 AM – 9:30 AM in the auditorium

Also, from Oct. 1 to Nov. 14, the District is accepting applications for our CHOICES Program. For more information, please visit the eChoices website at http://. This link is also posted on our school website on the right yellow link. JB Magnet Code is 1807502. If you have additional questions, please speak with Mr. Sam Corral, magnet coordinator.

Alevel media coursework evaluation

a level media coursework evaluation


a level media coursework evaluationa level media coursework evaluationa level media coursework evaluationa level media coursework evaluation