Ajourney by train essay short

It’s time to return to Cuba. i come from Harrisburg, a few miles from Hershey Pennsylvania, many kids in Harrisburg spent some time in Hershey. Mr Hershey was special. (Always referred to as Mr Hershey ). He built a business paradise in Pennsylvania, the town that bears his name is wealthy, and still very pretty. The street lights on the main street still have huge silver Hersheys Kisses as the finial on each light standard. The factory on main st is painted chocolate brown, and has quite a flower garden. Mr Hershey had a social conscience for his day but it had to make business sense to him. He built a company town, the concept is vilified today. My mother came from a company town in the Pennsylvania anthracite coal regions, not that far from Hershey maybe 50 miles north. Coal company towns did not and do not resemble Hershey Pennsylvania.

I was born with two speech impediments. I was a shy kid, with a crooked smile, who couldn’t pronounce any words correctly. Participating in theatre was the last thing anyone expected of me. Yet I wanted to sway crowds with my voice, make them cry, laugh and shout for joy. I was a terrified 10-year-old the first time I stepped on stage, and equally frightened moments before I finally performed at Lincoln Center. I walked slowly to my position full of fear, but when the spotlight hit my face, there was no trepidation, only a calmness and quiet determination. In that moment all the long hours of struggle fell into place. I had already accomplished what I had set out to do before my final performance. Just being there, having worked as hard as I had, made all the worry dissipate. It was just me and the light.

Ajourney by train essay short

a journey by train essay short


a journey by train essay shorta journey by train essay shorta journey by train essay shorta journey by train essay short